Volunteer on a Committee or Task Force

Members help AONE meet the ever-changing needs of nursing leadership by volunteering their service and expertise. Committees and task force charges are driven by the AONE strategic plan and needs of the field. Serving as a committee/task force member is one way to develop and refine leadership skills.

Below are the 2017 committees and task forces. Throughout the year, AONE is accepting volunteer applications to serve on a variety of exciting opportunities. Learn more about volunteer opportunities at AONE. Log in to your Leader2Leader profile to apply.


  • Annual Meeting
    Application Closes March 1, 2017
    Serve as advisory to staff in the development of the content of the 2018 AONE Annual Meeting. Review the evaluations and address issues from the 2017 Annual Meeting. Serve as abstract reviewers and presentation advisors.


  • Affiliate
    Coordinate affiliate conference calls to update affiliate leaders on AONE developments and initiatives. Develop agendas for the affiliate meeting at the AONE Annual Meeting and December Meeting.


  • Education
    Review and develop education priorities for AONE. Serve as advisory committee to proposed AONE education offerings. Subcommittees: Webinar, Emerging Leader and Manager Fellowships and CIT



  • Membership
    Develop recommendations on initiatives to increase the number and engagement of next generation members, specifically members under age 40.



  • System Chief Nursing Officer
    Advance the role of the system chief nursing officer. Provide targeted leadership development for the system chief nurse executive. Promote and strengthen informatics inter-professional partnerships through a formal education program (face-to-face meeting).



  • Political Action Committee (PAC)
    Develop the Political Action Committee target for 2017. Coordinate the AHAPAC event at the 2017 AONE Annual Meeting.



  • Nominations Committee
    Recruit candidates for the open positions on the Board and Nominating Committee. Committee members are expected to mentor and recruit candidates for current and future open positions.



  • Publications
    Determine issue focus, solicit and author manuscripts for AONE’s newsletter, Voice of Nursing Leadership.



Task Forces

  • Abstract Review
    Application Opens May 1, 2017
    Review abstracts submitted for the 2018 AONE Annual Meeting and assist in scoring and selection of abstracts and posters for inclusion in the annual meeting.


  • Awards Task Force
    Application Opens April 10, 2017
    Review relevance and criteria for awards. Make recommendations to Board for process and procedures on awards.


  • AONE Fellow Designation
    Develop a plan for a proposed AONE Fellow Designation. The task force will examine existing, relevant fellowship programs and make recommendations forAONE fellow designations qualifications, application process and responsibilities.



  • CNO Program
    Develop recommendations for establishing a novice level CNO program with a focus on C-suite competencies and executive presence. Explore potential relationship with other disciplines in the establishment of CNO curriculum. Review existing Director Fellowship Program and make recommendations related to potential integration with CNO Fellowship.


  • Post-Acute/ Continuum of Care
    Review and develop initiatives to support the expanding role of nurse leaders in the post- acute/community setting. Review and recommend potential partnership to define future care models and dissemination of care model best practices.