International Programs

One of AONE’s strategic priorities is to engage and connect with international members and other international nurse leaders for information exchange, networking and education. AONE has a rich history of working internationally with a variety of groups and it is our goal to help create a network of international nurse leader associations across the globe, working together to improve health care. 

American International Health Alliance (AIHA)
AONE has partnered with AIHA and the Moravian College School of Nursing in Mozambique to present a three-part leadership development course to the Mozambican National Nurses Association (ANEMO). The first session was held in August 2010, the second session in January 2011 and the third session in August 2011. 

European Nurse Directors Association
The European Nurse Directors Association and AONE will host a joint congress October 12-14, 2017 in Opatija, Croatia to further development and synergy of nursing management and nursing science beyond European boundaries. Under the motto Nursing: Building It – Living It – Sharing It, the 13th congress will cover topics such as globalization, ethics, and leadership. Save the date information can be found on the ENDA website.

International Council of Nurses
In 1999, members of the AONE executive committee presented a panel on nursing association advocacy at the ICN Centennial in London, England, marking the first AONE international activity of the Board. Since that time, AONE has attended each of the ICN biennial meetings and has submitted abstracts for the past four, with all abstracts being accepted in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015.

Nurse Leader Professionals Abroad
AONE members have traveled to Russia, South Africa, China, India and Vietnam/Cambodia, Costa Rica and Israel.

Other Resources

  • The Bologna Process
    A European reform process aimed at creating the European Higher Education Area