Join AONE in observing Patient Safety Awareness Week

AONE salutes all the nurse leaders and health care professionals who persistently work on improving patient safety. Safety is the cornerstone of providing high-quality care to patients. In America’s hospitals, patient safety is the top priority 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

AONE offers guiding principles and webinars on patient safety topics, the role of nurse executives in patient safety, mitigating violence in the workplace, reducing health care violence by innovative training and man more. 

Patient Safety Webinars

Reducing Health care Violence by Innovative Training and Valuable Partnerships
Explore the trends in health care violence and innovative tactics hospital security and health professionals are using to manage patients with aggressive behavior.

Strategies for Leaders to Address the Persistent Challenge of Medication Errors
Learn how nurse leaders can assist their team to improve medication knowledge, spot red flags that can potentially lead to medication errors, and enhance communication about medication with other members of the healthcare team, including patients and their caregivers.

Preventing Violence in the Hospital and Community
Violence is a serious safety issue for many communities and hospitals across the United States. Pamela Thompson, AONE CEO emeritus, speaks on AONE's toolkit for mitigating violence in the health care workplace and discuss the implications for leadership practice.

Patient Safety Resources

The Role of the Nurse Executive in Patient Safety
The role of the nurse executive in patient safety is to help lead best practices and establish the right culture across multiple disciplines within the organization.

Mitigating violence toolkit
AONE and the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) released a toolkit on Mitigating Violence in the Workplace. This toolkit provides nurse leaders with the resources needed to understand workplace violence and how to customize a violence prevention plan.

Mitigating Workplace Violence Guiding Principles
AONE and Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) created the Guiding Principles on Mitigating Violence in the Workplace to assist nurse leaders in systematically addressing measures to manage and reduce violence against health care professionals.

National Patient Safety Foundation Resources

United for Patient Safety

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