Care Innovation & Transformation

What is CIT?
AONE’s Care Innovation and Transformation (CIT) Program improves patient care, hospital performance and employee satisfaction through the engagement of frontline staff, collaboration, innovation and leadership development. This program teaches nursing and interdisciplinary teams how to innovate and measure change, strengthening the organization from the bottom-up.

CIT now offers two types of CIT programs to better meet your needs. We continue to offer the Traditional CIT program, and now offer the new Customized Hospital/System CIT program.

Traditional CIT
The Traditional CIT program brings inpatient units as well as pre- and post-acute care settings (ambulatory, rehabilitation, long-term care, among others) together as a learning cohort and provides nursing and interdisciplinary teams instruction on how to innovate and measure change, strengthening the organization from the bottom-up. 

In the Traditional CIT program, CIT participants meet in-person four times over a period of two years. In addition, the participants interact regularly through monthly conference calls, webinars, the CIT listserv and other communication tools.  Each CIT cohort is a collection of hospital or health care organization teams from across the nation that move together as a learning community through the two-year program.

Customized Hospital/System CIT
AONE is pleased to announce the launch of a new CIT program – the Customized Hospital/System CIT program. With our proven techniques and nationally known speakers, we will instruct up to 20 inpatient units, departments and pre- and post-acute care settings on your campus.  The hospital/system approach is customized to meet your organization’s needs, focusing on your goals and providing training for more individuals while saving the organization the expense of staff travel.

The Customized CIT program was launched in April 2014 at Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, Tex. Midland Memorial Hospital Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Robert Dent DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE states, “One of the MMH units participated in the Traditional CIT program over the past couple of years and it has done wonders for the unit. Now that all of our patient care service areas are participating as a hospital CIT cohort, the energy level has increased significantly.  Our leaders are seeing an elevated sense of engagement across all of the clinical operations because of their participation in the AONE CIT program.”

CIT History/Timeline
AONE has worked more than 200 hospitals across the country in its efforts to redesign care delivery. In 2007, AONE joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on a frontline, staff-driven, process improvement program for medical/surgical units, known as Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB). Expanding upon the success of TCAB, AONE launched the Care Innovation and Transformation initiative in 2010. CIT's foundation is grounded in the basic tenets of TCAB, but further supports the nurse leader in driving innovation, culture change, and health care reform implementation.

CIT Benefits
The Care Innovation and Transformation initiative is closely aligned with AONE’s strategic goals as well as the American Hospital Association’s program Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence. CIT serves as a resource for nurse leaders seeking to transform not only the way care is delivered but also the culture in which they find themselves working, so that innovation and transformation become a daily pattern. This newly expanded initiative could come at no better time.  Health care leaders everywhere are planning for the implementation of health care reform. What better way to organize the future of health care than by participating in an initiative that captures the essence of innovation and transformation? CIT will enable hospitals to take the necessary steps now to prepare for the future.

Read personal reflections from nurse leaders who have participated in the program in the September 2013 Voice of Nursing Leadership, September 2012 Voice of Nursing Leadership and the February 2013 issue of the American Journal of Nursing.

Sign Up!
For hospitals and health care organizations interested in participating in the next cohort of Care Innovation and Transformation (CIT), the application for Cohort 6 has closed.

Cohort 7 will begin its two-year CIT journey in spring of 2016. The application deadline for Cohort 7 has been extended until December 31, 2015. If you have questions about the program or the application process, please contact Tessa Kieffer at or (312) 422-2804.