Content Themes and Priorities

AONE 2018 abstract submissions should provide cutting-edge information and innovative solutions to current leadership challenges with priority on topics that align with the quadruple aim, such as:

  • Care delivery across the continuum and implications for acute care leaders
  • Engaging the next generation of nurse leaders
  • Enhancing patient experience while controlling costs
  • Health, wellbeing and resiliency
  • Strategies for workforce engagement

Presentation Methods

There are four presentation formats offered at AONE 2018.

50-minute presentation, including Q & A
Two 50-min poster presentation sessions
Roundtable discussion
20-minute presentation/30 minute conversation
Ignite session*
Series of 5-min talks followed by discussion


Submitters must choose the preferred presentation format. AONE will consider the indicated preference, taking into consideration the best venue for the topic given the slots available.

Note: Ignite sessions are best suited for big ideas that will stimulate conversation. They do not need to have data or results yet. Due to the nature of the Ignite sessions, the selection process takes place in a two-step process, requiring a video submission in the second round.

System Requirements

Individuals are required to create an account in a simple two-step process in the system in order to submit an abstract.

The system has been optimized for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended. Submitters are allowed to save and continue to work on the abstract later; however the abstract must be 100% complete and submitted by 3:00 pm CST on Monday, August 14. Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed. .

Abstract Requirements

The following components must be included in each submission:

  • Presentation title

      Accurately describes the session and draws people in (limited to 8 words).

  • Abstract narrative

      Include practical takeaways for attendees addressing impact, key learning and application to other settings (limited to 500 words).

  • Learning outcome
  • Supporting evidence

      Provide a minimum of 2 pertinent literature references.

  • Submission fee

      $25 fee must be paid by credit card before 3:00 pm CST on Monday, August 14 in order for the submission to be deemed complete and submitted for review.

  • Key concepts

      Up to three sentences describing the session’s key concepts and the attendee’s value of participation (limited to 100 words) .

  • Presenter biography

      Provide a brief biography for the primary presenter highlighting relevant professional experience, expertise, and/or education (limited to 100 words).

  • Keywords

    Abstract Review Categories

    The abstract review is a blinded process. Reviewers will score abstracts based on the following categories:

  • Relevancy

      The abstract addresses important issues facing nursing leadership that are pressing for today or necessary for the future and consistent with AONE strategic priorities. Or addresses experiences that are relevant and inspiring for others. Practical take away points are relevant.

  • Impact

      The impact on safe, quality and affordable patient care and healthy communities are clear. It should answer the questions:
      A: The impact of the program, initiative or research is clear.
      B: The abstract includes how the author/organization determined if their efforts were successful.
      C: The abstract provides a clear description of lessons learned that are meaningful to the audience

  • Evidence

      Abstract includes relevant evidence that provides support for initiative or practice.

  • Originality

      The program, initiative or research described offers innovative practices and ideas that are stimulating and challenging, soliciting thoughtful reflection on leadership practice. Initiatives have led to transformation in nursing practice and leadership.

  • Application

      Application in a variety of settings is apparent (rural, community, critical access, etc.). There is sufficient information to support how the program, initiative or research could be adopted or addressed by others. Research studies should include application and relevance for nurse leaders.

  • Cogency

      The focus of the session is clear. The abstract is detailed, specific, well organized, easy to read and offers clear implications for what a participant will gain. Objectives are meaningful and obtainable. It is clear that this meets AONE meeting attendees’ expectations for excellence.


    Abstract Notification Process

    Notifications will be sent on Tuesday, October 31 by 5:00 pm CST. The primary presenter must accept the invitation within one week of the notification.

    Accepting the invitation confirms the commitment to attend the meeting and present. Presenters are responsible for registering for the conference and making all necessary travel arrangements. Discounted registration for accepted presenters will be available.

    Primary Presenter Responsibilities

    The primary presenter listed for each abstract serves as the primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract. The primary presenter is responsible for:

    • Ensuring that all presenters have read the abstract and agreed to be co-presenters.
    • Notifying all co-presenters of any additions, deletions, and changes to the program, as may be communicated by AONE.
    • Obtaining all of the conflict of interest disclosures from co-presenters and including them in the online submission process.

    Disclosure of Financial Relationships and Commercial Interests

    Presentations may not include promotional information. Participant feedback has demonstrated that this is not valued by attendees and it is not in compliance with AONE continuing education policies.

    AONE, as an accredited provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nursing Credentialing Center, must be made aware of and convey to meeting attendees all potential conflicts of interest of a presenter. Having a financial relationship with a commercial entity will not automatically disqualify you from presentation, but we must disclose that information to attendees and evaluate the possible impact on the independence of our educational content. AONE reserves the right to disqualify presentations that may be perceived as endorsing a product or service.

    Contact Information

    Send related correspondence and questions regarding abstract submissions or notifications to

    Important Dates