Saturday Featured sessions are panel conversations with experts on topics relevant to nurse leaders in all health care settings. All Saturday featured sessions will be held at 8:45-10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 13.

Nursing Workforce Strengths and Challenges Facing CNOs

Dr. Buerhaus will discuss ten strengths characterizing the nursing workforce, and describe eight challenges facing nursing CNOs now and over the near future. He will show new data on RN and APN workforce supply growth through 2030, focusing on how Millennial RNs are contributing to the nursing workforce, and assess whether the rapid growth of APNs threatens the adequacy of the workforce providing basic nursing care. He will also discuss implications of demographic and economic trends affecting nurses and provide recommendations for CNOs, policy makers, and nursing educators on how to overcome challenges that will build through 2030.

Peter Buerhaus, Professor & Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies, Montana State University

Nurses in the Media

Nurses’ clinical expertise is accompanied by unique perspectives on health, illness, and health care; but the public is not benefiting from the wisdom and insight that nurses can provide in health news stories.

Diana Mason, Senior Policy Service Professor, George Washington University School of Nursing

Addressing Health Disparity by Advancing the Anchor Mission

Nursing leadership is essential to improving population health and impacting the social determinants of health in the community. The Anchor Mission is a proven approach to positively impact the wellbeing of the community through the alignment of available economic and human resources of the health system. Nurse leaders can accelerate closing the economic, racial and health disparity gaps with an Anchor Mission.

Dr. Marla Weston, CEO, Weston Consulting, LLC, Coletta Barrett, Vice President of Mission, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, David Zuckerman, Director of Healthcare Engagement, Democracy Collaborative, Darlene Hightower, Vice President, Community Health Equity, Rush University Medical Center