Volunteer Groups

Volunteers help the AONE Foundation meet the ever-changing needs of nursing leadership by volunteering their service and expertise. These volunteers help keep the Foundation focused on how to best benefit the field by serving as advisors, think tanks, idea generators and sounding boards. They also help generate support for the Foundation to continue the work within our mission.

2019 Auction/Soirée planning group

Help plan and organize the annual Soirée and Online Auction. The Soirée takes place during the 2019 AONE Annual Meeting in San Diego. The Online Auction extends both before and after the Annual Meeting. These two premier events help build awareness and raise funds to support the work of the Foundation.
Time commitment: 1-hour monthly conference calls plus additional time as needed/available.
Additional requirement: Help obtain items for the online auction. Each committee member is requested to obtain at least two items.
Kick-off call: Week of June 18, 2018.
To volunteer: Please contact Dani Ward or 312-422-2808.


Research Review Committee

This committee evaluates research proposals received and makes funding recommendation the Board of Directors. This committee also nominates candidates for the Nurse Researcher of the Year Award. The Committee meets at various times through the year. Committee member names are not published.
Time commitment:Varies based on number of proposals received. At least one conference call meeting will occur when the committee meets to make its recommendations to the Foundation Board of Directors.
Requirement: Must have a graduate or doctoral degree. Research experience is preferred.
Kick-off call: Week of June 18, 2018.
To volunteer: Please contact Dani Ward or 312-422-2808.


AONE Foundation State Ambassadors

The primary purpose of the Foundation’s State Ambassadors program is to serve as a guidepost for the Foundation in properly engaging nurse leaders in each of our 50 states. These ambassadors help advise the Foundation, to insure that the Foundation continues to provide all members of the nursing leadership profession with the most pertinent knowledge base and skill set that helps them to be masters of best practices. At the same time, these Ambassadors help promote the work of the Foundation, to create greater awareness of the Foundation’s priorities and to encourage participation in the Foundation’s mission.

Corporate Advisory Council

This diverse group of representatives from the corporate sector includes members who have an active interest in health care and the special role nurse leaders play in managing and developing the largest component of the health care sector’s workforce. Members of the Corporate Advisory Council serve as advisors to help the Foundation engage with the corporate community and advance the mission of the Foundation.

Children’s Initiative Working Group

The purpose of this working group is to assist the Foundation in developing strategic goals and potential research questions for new research projects focusing on nursing leadership’s role within current issues affecting today’s children. Members of this group have participated in at least one AONE Fellowship program—either the Nurse Manager Fellowship or the Nurse Director Fellowship—and have expertise in pediatrics.

System Chief Nurse Executive Philanthropy Council

The members of this council oversee more than 10% of the nursing workforce in the United States.  These individuals serve as advisors to the Foundation in engaging with nursing leadership at the system level. At the same time, members of this council help promote the work of the Foundation, to build awareness and encourage participation in the Foundation’s mission.