Nominate a Nurse Researcher

The AONE Foundation Nurse Researcher Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to nursing and health systems research. Nominate a candidate for the 2019 AONE Foundation Nurse Researcher of the Year Award.

Nomination Deadline November 9

Selection Criteria

Recognized in the nursing community as an outstanding nurse researcher.

  • First preference will be given to researchers who have focused on AONE priorities
  • Nominator should provide a brief narrative (1000 words or less) of how this nominee’s work has impacted the field and the nominator
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (no more than 3) from peer researchers with knowledge of the nominee’s contributions to quality of research and scholarly activities

Superior performance in the areas of research scholarship.

  • Number of research or data articles published in the last two years
  • Quality of publications (index score) for articles published
  • Number of citations body of work has received
  • Evidence of other contributions to the field based on their scholarly work. Examples may include:
    • Active participation in interviews/ expert panels
    • Student mentorship/ advisement based on nominees scholarship
    • Service on local, regional or national boards related to their research and scholarly activities

Evidence of the impact the nominee’s research has had on the field. Nominator should provide qualitative and quantitative evidence, if known. Examples include:

  • Schools of nursing incorporating work into the curriculum
  • Organizations incorporating a tool into their patient care processes resulting in a measurable difference/improvement

Nominator should provide the following additional documentation:

  • Nominee’s curriculum vita or resume
  • Brief biography (300 words maximum)
  • Listing of key papers or other publications related to nominee’s research work
  • Highlight internal and external financial support of nominee’s work


AONE membership is not required. Sitting members of either the AONE Foundation Board or the AONE Board are ineligible.


Reach out to the AONE Foundation for any questions.