Time Study RN - Rapid Modeling Corporation

Time Study RN is a tool to help front-line nurses actively measure their time and motion on the clinical units. Nurses use personal digital assistants (PDAs) developed by Rapid Modeling Corporation to collect data about their daily activities, including activities focused on enhancing quality and safety (e.g., bedside report or hourly rounding). Software is provided to analyze the subsequent data. Time Study RN participants also have access to a national benchmarking database. That database allows each participating hospital to compare its performance against more than 350 high performing units throughout the country and provides opportunities for collaboration.

NEW! CIT program tuition now includes the Time Study RN system. All CIT hospital units will benefit from the use of the Time Study RN personal digital assistant (PDA). CIT teams will complete a pre-program assessment to document how RNs are spending their time as well as a post-program assessment to demonstrate changes in their care delivery models fostered by the CIT program. Time Study RN will also be used to collect data and measure change brought about by rapid cycle tests of change innovations during the 2 year CIT journey.

Read more about the CIT Time Study RN page and the Rapid Modeling Corporation.

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