Innovation Webinar Series

The Innovation webinar series features timely nursing leadership topics that will provide information on how to incorporate innovation into your work place, build creative financial partnership opportunities, and examine innovative strategies in the outpatient setting.

You may choose which webinars to download, the price is $39 per webinar for non-members. The three-part webinar series and individual webinars are complimentary for AONE members.

Webinar Downloads

    Innovation can be a challenging concept to both understand and operationalize. A childlike wonder allows for envisioning the potential and actualizing the possibilities. This webinar will explore frameworks for further understanding the concept of innovation, discuss challenges for nurses to innovate in their work and provide exemplars of nurse innovators.
    Health care innovations provide new opportunities for nurse leaders to develop strategic business partnerships. Partnerships impact patients, populations and consumers across the continuum of care and increases the visibility of the organization’s vision and mission. This webinar will identify essential elements, best practices and exemplars for successful clinical practice engagement in financial business opportunities.
    A quantum shift has occurred in the expectations for the provision of care when moving from the inpatient hospital setting to the outpatient ambulatory care setting. As health care systems merge with physician practice groups and individual physician practices, nurse leaders are challenged to find ways to ensure patient safety across an ever-enlarging geographic territory. This webinar will introduce innovative strategies for nursing leadership in the outpatient setting.