Assessing your Readiness for the CNML exam

The exam is based on the four practice areas of financial management; human resource management; performance improvement; and strategic management and technology, derived from Nurse Manager Learning Domain Framework. The following are suggested steps and resources to assist you in your preparation.

Steps to prepare for the CNML exam

    • 1Step
      Nurse Manager Competencies
      As you determine your readiness to take the Certified Nurse Manager and Leader Exam, begin by utilizing the AONE Nurse Manager Competencies. The competencies provide you with a summary of the skills needed to perform the nurse managers job. This assessment gives an indication of your readiness to take the exam based on your experience.
    • 2Step
      CNML Candidate Handbook
      The next step is to assess your readiness based on the content covered in the exam. The CNML Candidate Handbook outlines not only the necessary steps for registering and taking the exam, but the distribution and types of questions within the proficiencies in the four practice areas.
    • 3Step
      CNML Practice Exam or Review Course
      Designed to give you an edge in preparation for the exam, the CNML practice exam and review couse will give you a greater understanding of the CNML Exam.

Additional Resources

Resources to help enhance your understanding of the Nurse Manager Learning Domain.

Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation (ENMO) e-Learning

A self paced review is available through the online Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation (ENMO) e-Learning. This eight-module course, based on the Nurse Manager Learning Domain Framework  provides frontline managers, charge nurses, aspiring managers and staff leaders with the skills needed to become successful nurse leaders. In addition to being an excellent orientation course, AONE, suggests that you also consider the Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation (ENMO) as a formal course of study for your exam preparation. 

Suggested References

The Nurse Manager and Leader Examination Resources/Reading List can then help you identify pertinent literature and resources in those areas where you feel you need additional aid in your studies.

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