Recognizing exemplary nurse leaders

The AONE fellow designation recognizes exemplary nurse leaders who have made significant and sustained contributions to the specialty of nursing leadership and to AONE. Nurse leaders who attain this prestigious honor are committed to shaping the future of nursing leadership through expert leadership practice, mentoring developing leaders and contributing to AONE at the regional and national levels.

“Beyond excellence, AONE Fellow Designees demonstrate exemplary leadership practice with continual impact on the field of nursing leadership.”



Benefits of the AONE Fellow Designation

  • Recognition as an accomplished nurse leader
  • Use of the AONE Fellow credential
  • Inclusion in the directory of AONE Fellows

Application period has ended

Application Checklist

☑️ Completed application form

☑️ Narrative that specifically addresses defined criteria

☑️ Professional curriculum vitae that follows defined requirements

☑️ Two letters of support, at least one of which must be from a current AONE member

If you have questions about the AONE Fellow Designation, please contact AONE.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the AONE Fellow Designation? ▽
    • AONE fellow designees are nurse leaders who have made significant and sustained contributions to the American Organization of Nurse Executives and to the specialty of nursing leadership beyond their role expectations and employment settings. Beyond excellence, AONE fellow designees demonstrate exemplary leadership practice with impact at the regional, national and even global levels. AONE Fellows have achieved success in the field, demonstrating expert leadership practice, peer engagement and mentorship and contributions to AONE at the regional and national levels.
  • How does the AONE Fellow Designation differ from other honorary designations? ▽
    • The AONE fellow designation focuses on the achievement of exemplary nursing leadership with specific attention given to applicants with:

      • Current membership in AONE

      • A minimum of seven years of AONE membership (consecutive or nonconsecutive; affiliate membership does not qualify)

      • An advanced degree at the Master’s level or higher with at least one degree in nursing (e.g., BSN, MSN, DNP)

      • Past attendance at a minimum of three AONE Annual Meetings

  • What is the review process? ▽
    • AONE staff screen applications to determine if the applicants meet the basic criteria. Those applications that meet the basic criteria continue to the next step in the review process.

      o At least two AONE members with experience on the AONE fellow designation design team as well as two review team co-chairs review each application

      o The reviewers use pre-established, rigorous and defined standards to review each application. This is designed to promote inter-rater reliability and consistency.

      o In addition to the content of the application, reviewers will assess the narrative’s clarity, organization, editing, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

      o The review committee selects AONE fellow designees for final confirmation by the AONE Board.

  • Who is on the review team? ▽
    • A portion of the prior year’s review team will rotate off and new members will be assimilated. As AONE fellow designees are confirmed over the next several years, the AONE Board will appoint voluntary AONE Fellow Designees to the review committee, with goal for the entirety of the review committee membership to be Fellow Designees.

      The AONE Board, staff and others will have no influence over the selection of fellow designees chosen by the review committee.

  • Will the reviewers know the names of the applicants? ▽
    • While the reviewers will know the names of the applicants, reviewers must commit to following a strict set of guidelines and upholding total confidentiality.If the reviewer assigned to an application has knowledge about the applicant’s leadership performance that would in any way influence that reviewer’s decision, that reviewer must recuse him/herself from reviewing or providing input on that application. Only information provided in the application will be considered in the review process.

  • Who should applicants ask to write letters of support? ▽
    • o Authors of support letters must have direct knowledge of the applicant that will allow them to expand on the applicant’s exemplary professional impact and AONE contributions.

      o At least one letter should include the applicant’s contributions to and engagement in AONE in his/her letter.

      o Note that current and past year review team members are not eligible to provide letters of support.

      o The applicant is responsible for verifying that at least one support letter author holds current AONE membership by providing the author’s membership number.

      o Review the membership directory to find current AONE members.

  • What additional information may be used in reviewing the application? ▽
    • o The application decision rests solely on the review of written materials submitted by the applicant and his/her sponsors. Each submitted application rests on its own.

      o There is to be no additional research by reviewers or AONE staff into any candidate’s application information, including internet searches or other sources of information.

      o Applicants may not submit additional material such as copies of articles or presentations in support of their application.