Join AONE with your colleagues

Group membership is a cost-effective way to show the emphasis you place on professional development in your organization. All participants in the group receive full AONE member benefits.


AONE’s group membership program is designed for nursing leadership teams to participate in AONE collectively. Each participant receives an individual membership and has full access to AONE benefits. But, because the entire team joined, the members have an in-house group of peers to discuss the latest Guiding Principle, Voice of Nursing Leadership article or eNews story AONE has released.

Why join as a group?

  • Discount on everyone’s membership dues
  • One invoice for all memberships
  • One renewal date for all memberships

Over 70 hospitals and health systems have taken advantage of this great discount. Gather your peers together to join the voice of nursing leadership with AONE group membership!

To start a group membership

  1. Complete this application and send to AONE
  2. You will then be sent an invoice for the entire group.

Frequently asked questions

Some participants are already members of AONE. Can they still join the group?
Yes! When you send in your application, AONE staff will review it to see if anyone is already a member. If there are already active AONE members, their dues will be pro-rated and expiration date extended to match the group’s renewal date.

Can participants pay for their dues separately?
Unfortunately, no. To receive the group discount, the invoice has to be paid with one payment.

Can I add people to the group throughout the year?
Contact AONE and we will work with you on the process.

Can I renew the group membership online?
No, the only way to renew a group membership is through an invoice sent to you by AONE. You can pay an invoice with a check or credit card via phone, fax or mail.

I have more questions!
Contact AONE and we can answer any other questions you have about group membership.

The more participants, the more you save!

  • 5–15 members
    $215/per member ($10 off)


  • 16–50 members
    $205/per member ($20 off)


  • 51–75 members
    $195/per member ($30 off)


  • Over 75 members
    $185/per member ($40 off)