• Building Support: Innovative Initiatives to Retain Nurse Managers

    March 21 2019|Publication: Voice of Nursing Leadership

    One of the most challenging roles for nurse leaders is the nurse manager position. Nurse managers work on the front line and interact daily with patients, families, their staff, staff of varied disciplines that are involved with the patient’s care and many others.

  • From the Top: Voices of Nurse CEOs

    January 17 2019|Publication: Voice of Nursing Leadership

    To explore the journey and viewpoint of nurse leaders who became chief executives, AONE members interviewed three such executives. Jacqueline Herd interviewed Candice L. Saunders, FACHE, president and CEO of Georgia’s WellStar Health System, who joined the American Hospital Association Board of Trustees in 2018.

  • CNLs: Linchpins in Building a Model of Care Management

    November 16 2018|Publication: Voice of Nursing Leadership

    An important provision of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 involved a transformational shift from reimbursed care at the individual level to managed care at the population level. Due to changes in payment models, hospital systems are required to manage and improve care outcomes for patients not only during the inpatient period, but also for 30 days after discharge (HRSA, 2013).

  • Budget Process Shows Increases for Nursing Workforce Development Programs

    September 01 2018|Publication: Voice of Nursing Leadership

    The nursing workforce development programs (Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act) are the cornerstone educational programs of the nursing profession. The passage of the Nurse Training Act of 1964, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, legitimized the critical importance of nursing to the health of the nation.

  • Forever Changed: Coping With an Active Shooter Experience

    September 01 2018|Publication: Voice of Nursing Leadership

    This article describes the series of events during a shooting incident in a rural academic medical center. What follows is a brief description of the incident as well as the response of the organization divided into three phases: early, mid - term and long - term. Each phase had a particular focus; detailed below is some of the work undertaken to first cope with and later to learn from this tragedy.

  • Nurse Leaders Play Key Role in Battling Human Trafficking

    September 01 2018|Publication: Voice of Nursing Leadership

    Every day, an estimated 30 million women, children and men are victims of human trafficking all over the world, including every state in the United States. Traffickers use force, fraud and/or coercion to exploit individuals or groups into performing forced labor, sexual acts, domestic servitude or organ donation. The National Human Trafficking Hotline reported 7,500 tips of human trafficking in 2016, an increase from approximately 5,500 the previous year (National Hotline, 2017). The number is likely much higher as many instances of human trafficking go unreported. The U.S. Department of Defense calls human trafficking the world’s fastest-growing crime.

  • Preparing Staff for Demanding Environments: Using Resiliency Competencies

    September 01 2018|Publication: Voice of Nursing Leadership

    It comes with the job for many nurses to perform in demanding work environments—ones with predictable and unpredictable pressures. They routinely face fatigue, fears of medical errors and exposure to pathogens. Increasingly, one unpredictable fear is the threat of violence.

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