• Top 5 Reasons to Attend AONE 2018

    February 16 2018|Publication: AONE Alert

    We're not David Letterman, but here are the top 5 reasons to attend AONE 2018.Top 5 Reasons to Attend AONE 2018

  • Security Enhancements to AONE Website

    February 05 2018|Publication: AONE Alert

    The American Hospital Association recently took steps to strengthen security across all of its web properties, including  www.aone.org, to better protect your information and enhance your ability to move seamlessly between AHA's websites and digital products.

  • Bolton delivers keynote; Meadows honored as Pinnacle Nurse Leader

    November 13 2017|Publication: AONE Alert

    AONE Past President Linda Burnes Bolton, DrPH, MPH, RN, FAAN, delivered the keynote at the 20th Annual Power of Nursing Leadership event hosted by the UIC College of Nursing November 10 in Chicago.

  • AHA supports colleagues in Texas; AABB, THA call for donations

    August 29 2017|Publication: AONE Alert

    The American Hospital Association (AHA), AONE’s parent organization, is supporting hospital colleagues at the Texas Hospital Association (THA) as they work with hospitals and health systems, as well as local and federal agencies, to respond to the ongoing disaster

  • Judy Clark - Patient Safety is Priority

    March 17 2017|Publication: AONE Alert

    Some phrases are said so often that we can become deaf to them. Like an adult who hears “it is important to exercise and eat well” or a nurse who hears “patient safety is priority.” But just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s not foundational to preserving life.

  • Cathleen Mullane - We CARE Huddles

    March 16 2017|Publication: AONE Alert

    Our organization begins every day with a safety huddle, also known as “We CARE Huddles.”

  • Safety for me is part of my daily work - Mary Hillard

    March 14 2017|Publication: AONE Alert

    Safety for me is part of my daily work.  It is incorporated into the heart and soul of what I do every day. Most of my days start with a safety huddle. Whether I am there in person or listen on the phone, it sets the tone of the day.  In 15 minutes, I can respond to what happened in the last 24 hours and predict things to come for the next 24 hours. This focus on safety allows me to have a preoccupation with failure as it allows me to continue to see how processes in my environment can have continuous improvement.

  • Keeping the Patient in Patient Safety: Q and A with HRET’s Sue Collier

    March 13 2017|Publication: AONE Alert|Related Topics: Patient safety

    Sue Collier MSN, RN, FABC, is clinical content development lead at the AHA’s Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET) and responded to questions from AONE about engaging patients and families in clinical safety. Collier has held a variety of clinical and executive leadership positions in a multi-hospital health care system, including corporate vice president for patient-family experience. Collier also served at the North Carolina Quality Center/North Carolina Hospital Association as a performance improvement specialist in patient and family engagement. 

  • Patient Safety Awareness Week 2017

    March 12 2017|Publication: AONE Alert

    As nurse leaders, we know safety is the cornerstone of providing quality patient care. Patient Safety Awareness Week is an opportunity to celebrate the importance of maintaining a culture of safety.

  • Leader to Watch Maureen Swick, RN, MSN, PhD, NEA-BC

    February 16 2017|Publication: AONE Alert

    Maureen Swick, RN, MSN, PhD, NEA-BC, was featured on the cover of our April 2016 issue as the incoming AONE president. During that interview, she discussed her leadership career and philosophy. This interview focuses on her new role as AONE chief executive officer (CEO) and senior vice president (SVP) and chief nursing officer (CNO) of the American Hospital Association (AHA).

  • 5 reasons why AONE 2017 is the can't miss nursing conference

    February 03 2017|Publication: AONE Alert

    AONE 2017 will celebrate the past, present and future of nursing leadership. Come commemorate 50 years of nursing leadership and explore what the next 50 years of nursing leadership will bring to the health care field. 

  • AONE looks back on 2016

    December 28 2016|Publication: AONE Alert
  • Top ten reasons to join AONE

    October 03 2016|Publication: AONE Alert|Related Topics: AONE

    Perhaps the only thing changing faster than health care is nursing leadership. Nurse leaders don’t want to have the playbook written for them or have their future determined by others. Nurse leaders need to define where the profession is heading.

  • Advancing Health in America - Maureen Swick

    September 12 2016|Publication: AONE Alert|Related Topics: AONE

    Starting today, AONE CEO Maureen Swick, senior vice president and chief nursing officer, American Hospital Association, will be the voice for radio spots promoting the Advancing Health in America campaign.

  • Academic Nursing Responsds to the Opioid Epidemic

    August 30 2016|Publication: AONE Alert|Related Topics: AONE

    AACN and has partnered with AONE to bring a webinar series to address the Opioid Epidemic.

  • AONE Leadership Transition: Welcome Maureen Swick, AONE CEO

    July 05 2016|Publication: AONE Alert

    Today AONE is pleased to announce Maureen Swick, PhD, RN, has assumed the role of AONE CEO and AHA senior vice president, nursing.

  • Thank You To All Nurses

    May 12 2016|Publication: AONE Alert|Related Topics: AONE

    Congratulations to all of my nursing colleagues as we celebrate National Nurses Week. It is important that we take time to pause to recognize the valuable contributions that nurses make each and every day.

  • Celebrating National Nurses Week A note from Maureen Swick

    May 06 2016|Publication: AONE Alert|Related Topics: AONE

    This year’s theme is Culture of Safety: It Starts With Us, and I want to thank all the nurse leaders who keep patient and staff safety in the forefront in the many tasks they perform.

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