• Age-Friendly Health Systems

    December 03 2018|Webinar
    Related Topics: Healthful Work Environment
    During this webinar the team form the John A. Hartford Foundation, describes the Age Friendly Health System Initiative, its essential elements and nursing’s critical contribution to this focused shift in care.
  • Improving Health, Well-being, and Joy in Nurses

    November 07 2018|Webinar
    During this webinar Marla Weston, from Weston Consulting, LLC, integrates the research on nurses’ health, neurobiological behavior change, and socioeconomic transformation that enables nurse leaders to make meaningful change in the health of the nurse population.
  • Policy Statement on Mandated Staffing Ratios

    The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) is committed to safe nurse staffing to ensure quality care and optimal patient experience is delivered throughout our nation.
  • Developing a Peer Support Program

    October 15 2018|Webinar
    Related Topics: Collaboration
    During this webinar Patricia Folarelli from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center describes the importance of peer support and the processes for identification and recruitment of peer supporters.
  • Positivity: Broaden and Build Your Way to Resilience

    October 04 2018|Webinar
    Related Topics: AONE
    Learn from Paige Roberts, nurse manager, University of North Carolina Medical Center, on how to use positivity in building staff resiliency and strategies that can be applied in the work environment. Learn how to build a positive environment for your staff and colleagues.
  • Human Trafficking: A Mother's Story

    September 12 2018|Webinar
    Explore human trafficking from the mother of a survivor’s perspective. In 2004, Ingrid Johnson’s teenage daughter was the victim of traffickers in New York City. After finding her daughter and bringing her home, their family began a long journey to recovery. The webinar will also discuss the role of nursing in addressing human trafficking.
  • AONE Advocacy Day 2018 Preparation

    August 31 2018|Webinar
    Download this complimentary webinar to learn about basic information on the federal legislative process. In preparation for Advocacy Day, it will also acquaint the attendees on how to contact their elected representatives; learn about their positions on various bills and how to request and conduct a meeting with legislative staff. The webinar is an opportunity to demystify the political process and provide insights to effective advocacy. Download Today!

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