• Reducing Health care Violence by Innovative Training and Valuable Partnerships

    June 13 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Patient safety, Workplace Safety
    This webinar explores trends in health care violence and innovative tactics hospital security and health professionals are using to manage patients with aggressive behavior.
  • Insights from Israel: Observations from the AONE Delegation Journey

    May 05 2017|Report
    Related Topics: International
    A year ago when I selected Israel as AONE’s academic trip abroad, I had no idea what to expect, nor that my role at AONE at the time would be changing from president to CEO. By selecting Israel, I hoped the AONE delegation, led by AONE Board President Joan Shinkus Clark, could return with knowledge of several areas critical for US nurse leaders.
  • The Innovation Road Map: A Guide for Nurse Leaders

    March 03 2017|Other
    Related Topics: Innovation
    Promote Five key characteristics: To promote a culture of innovation, healthcare leaders must exhibit foster, promote, and reward five key characteristics.
  • Innovations in Ambulatory Nursing

    February 15 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Innovation
    A quantum shift has occurred in the expectations for the provision of care when moving from the inpatient hospital setting to the outpatient ambulatory care setting. As health care systems merge with physician practice groups and individual physician practices, nurse leaders are challenged to find ways to ensure patient safety across an ever-enlarging geographic territory. This webinar will introduce innovative strategies for nursing leadership in the outpatient setting.
  • The Imperative for Strategic Workforce Planning and Development: Challenges and Opportunities

    February 01 2017|Report
    There is a critical need to elevate the discussion around workforce planning and development to ensure that it becomes a standing component of comprehensive strategic planning for hospitals and health systems, and not just a response to a crisis situation. The AHA's 2016 Committee on Performance Improvement (CPI) engaged hospital leaders and experts in the field to identify key workforce challenges.
  • Disruptive Innovation: A Nurse Leader’s Obligation

    January 25 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Innovation
    Nurse leaders are perfectly positioned to be change agents. As a leader, you have the ability to drive innovations that lead to high-quality patient care.
  • Innovative Financial Partnerships

    January 20 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Innovation
    Health care innovations provide new opportunities for nurse leaders to develop strategic business partnerships. Partnerships impact patients, populations and consumers across the continuum of care and increases the visibility of the organization’s vision and mission. This webinar will identify essential elements, best practices and exemplars for successful clinical practice engagement in financial business opportunities.

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