• Evidence Based Peer Review

    March 12 2019|Webinar
    Related Topics: Evidence Based Practice
    Join Barbara Haag-Heitman as she identifies the role of peer review in facilitating accountability.
  • Alarm Fatigue: Are You Doing as Much as You Can?

    February 21 2019|Case Study
    [Advertisement] Alarm fatigue is a serious issue: 87% of clinicians say alarms for non-actionable issues occur frequently in their hospital. Start combating it with this guide.
  • How Two Healthcare Facilities Simplified Their Nurse Scheduling Processes

    February 08 2019|Case Study
    [Advertisement] Whether it’s a local clinic with a team of ten employees or a healthcare system with multiple locations, every healthcare facility relies on its staff to deliver exceptional care 24/7.
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Diverse Nurse Leaders

    February 05 2019|Webinar
    Understand the barriers to career advancement stated by mid-and executive-level diverse nursing leaders.
  • Gaming: An Innovative Way to Engage Today's Workforce

    January 09 2019|Webinar
    Related Topics: Workforce
    During this webinar Susan Finlayson from Mercy Medical Center explores a variety of mechanic and tools that changed the way health care professionals learn resulted in improved knowledge retention.
  • Age-Friendly Health Systems

    December 03 2018|Webinar
    Related Topics: Healthful Work Environment
    During this webinar the team form the John A. Hartford Foundation, describes the Age Friendly Health System Initiative, its essential elements and nursing’s critical contribution to this focused shift in care.
  • Improving Health, Well-being, and Joy in Nurses

    November 07 2018|Webinar
    During this webinar Marla Weston, from Weston Consulting, LLC, integrates the research on nurses’ health, neurobiological behavior change, and socioeconomic transformation that enables nurse leaders to make meaningful change in the health of the nurse population.
  • Policy Statement on Mandated Staffing Ratios

    The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) is committed to safe nurse staffing to ensure quality care and optimal patient experience is delivered throughout our nation.
  • Developing a Peer Support Program

    October 15 2018|Webinar
    Related Topics: Collaboration
    During this webinar Patricia Folarelli from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center describes the importance of peer support and the processes for identification and recruitment of peer supporters.
  • Positivity: Broaden and Build Your Way to Resilience

    October 04 2018|Webinar
    Related Topics: AONE
    Learn from Paige Roberts, nurse manager, University of North Carolina Medical Center, on how to use positivity in building staff resiliency and strategies that can be applied in the work environment. Learn how to build a positive environment for your staff and colleagues.
  • Human Trafficking: A Mother's Story

    September 12 2018|Webinar
    Explore human trafficking from the mother of a survivor’s perspective. In 2004, Ingrid Johnson’s teenage daughter was the victim of traffickers in New York City. After finding her daughter and bringing her home, their family began a long journey to recovery. The webinar will also discuss the role of nursing in addressing human trafficking.
  • AONE Advocacy Day 2018 Preparation

    August 31 2018|Webinar
    Download this complimentary webinar to learn about basic information on the federal legislative process. In preparation for Advocacy Day, it will also acquaint the attendees on how to contact their elected representatives; learn about their positions on various bills and how to request and conduct a meeting with legislative staff. The webinar is an opportunity to demystify the political process and provide insights to effective advocacy. Download Today!
  • How to Write a Solid Abstract for AONE 2019

    July 26 2018|Webinar
    Learn how to create a compelling presentation that will inspire and engage through dissemination of innovative, applicable ideas that meet a real need.
  • Human Trafficking: Identifying & Responding to Victims in the Health Care Setting

    July 18 2018|Webinar
    Related Topics: American Hospital Association, Workplace
    As part of the American Hospital Association’s Hospitals Against Violence initiative, this session will explore the complexities of human trafficking.
  • Customer Connection: Adapting to the Needs of the Learner: Building A High-Quality Resuscitation Training Program

    April 05 2018|Webinar
    Developing a resuscitation training program for today’s healthcare providers is a challenge.
  • Wellness and Self-Care

    February 08 2018|Webinar
    Teri Pipe, PhD Arizona State University’s Chief Well-Being Officer discusses the importance of wellness and self-care in nursing.
  • Customer Connection: Promoting High Quality CPR Through Innovation

    December 12 2017|Webinar
    Explore how one academic medical center implemented the RQI program to promote high quality CPR.
  • Intergenerational Collaboration and Disruptive Innovation

    December 05 2017|Webinar
    Why does there seem to be a disconnect between generations? Comments about millennials or Generation X are made routinely but might this be an organizational behavior pattern that is predictable? This presentation reviews the generations within the healthcare workforce in the context of disruptive innovation.
  • Tri-Council for Nursing: Increase Access to Care through APRN Practice

    December 01 2017|Position Statement
    Related Topics: APRNs, Workforce
    The Tri-Council for Nursing is deeply disappointed in the resolution passed at the Interim Meeting of the American Medical Association’s (AMA) House of Delegates, which renews the AMA’s commitment to limiting the practice of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) across the country through model legislation and national and state-level campaigns.
  • Customer Connection: Emotional Intellegence and the Nurse Leader

    November 16 2017|Webinar
    How can you boost your leadership and team-building skills? View this webinar to learn more about one of the most important components of personal and professional success: Emotional Intelligence (EI).
  • Creating a Culture of Ownership Part 2 - Bob Dent

    November 01 2017|Webinar
    It is important for nurse leaders to lead by example and provide the necessary tools for nurses to provide an exceptional experience of care for their patients. Practical tools and implementation strategies for a Culture of Ownership creating a more positive workplace environment will be discussed in this session.
  • Creating a Culture of Ownership Part 1 - Bob Dent

    October 24 2017|Webinar
    In this part one of a two-series webinar you will learn about culture of ownership as the answer to creating a more positive workplace environment.
  • Customer Connection: Innovative Staffing

    September 21 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Staff development
    Innovative Staffing will identify valuable strategies to help nurse managers effectively engage and empower employees, ultimately fostering development and growth.
  • Nurse Retention: Creating Commitment through Professional Development

    June 27 2017|Webinar
    Nurse retention challenges are highly correlated to increased costs and decreased quality of care. Much of the focus has been paid to retention of the “new” nurse, which has resulted in the development of evidence-based strategies.
  • Reducing Health care Violence by Innovative Training and Valuable Partnerships

    June 13 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Patient safety, Workplace Safety
    This webinar explores trends in health care violence and innovative tactics hospital security and health professionals are using to manage patients with aggressive behavior.
  • Insights from Israel: Observations from the AONE Delegation Journey

    May 05 2017|Report
    Related Topics: International
    A year ago when I selected Israel as AONE’s academic trip abroad, I had no idea what to expect, nor that my role at AONE at the time would be changing from president to CEO. By selecting Israel, I hoped the AONE delegation, led by AONE Board President Joan Shinkus Clark, could return with knowledge of several areas critical for US nurse leaders.
  • The Innovation Road Map: A Guide for Nurse Leaders

    March 03 2017|Other
    Related Topics: Innovation
    Promote Five key characteristics: To promote a culture of innovation, healthcare leaders must exhibit foster, promote, and reward five key characteristics.
  • Innovations in Ambulatory Nursing

    February 15 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Innovation
    A quantum shift has occurred in the expectations for the provision of care when moving from the inpatient hospital setting to the outpatient ambulatory care setting. As health care systems merge with physician practice groups and individual physician practices, nurse leaders are challenged to find ways to ensure patient safety across an ever-enlarging geographic territory. This webinar will introduce innovative strategies for nursing leadership in the outpatient setting.
  • The Imperative for Strategic Workforce Planning and Development: Challenges and Opportunities

    February 01 2017|Report
    There is a critical need to elevate the discussion around workforce planning and development to ensure that it becomes a standing component of comprehensive strategic planning for hospitals and health systems, and not just a response to a crisis situation. The AHA's 2016 Committee on Performance Improvement (CPI) engaged hospital leaders and experts in the field to identify key workforce challenges.
  • Disruptive Innovation: A Nurse Leader’s Obligation

    January 25 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Innovation
    Nurse leaders are perfectly positioned to be change agents. As a leader, you have the ability to drive innovations that lead to high-quality patient care.
  • Innovative Financial Partnerships

    January 20 2017|Webinar
    Related Topics: Innovation
    Health care innovations provide new opportunities for nurse leaders to develop strategic business partnerships. Partnerships impact patients, populations and consumers across the continuum of care and increases the visibility of the organization’s vision and mission. This webinar will identify essential elements, best practices and exemplars for successful clinical practice engagement in financial business opportunities.
  • The Essential Role of the Registered Nurse and Integration of Community

    January 09 2017|Report
    Related Topics: Competencies
    This document describes the position of the Tri-Council for Nursing with regard to the essential role of the registered nurse (RN) in community team-based care, and describes the relationship of RNs and community health workers (CHW) who assist teams in achieving individual and population health outcomes.
  • Leading and Influencing Innovation

    December 20 2016|Webinar
    Related Topics: Innovation
    This webinar will explore frameworks for further understanding the concept of innovation, discuss challenges for nurses to innovate in their work and provide exemplars of nurse innovators.
  • Contemporary Strategies for Leaders to Address the Persistent Challenge of Medication Errors

    October 28 2016|Webinar
    This webinar will demonstrate how nurse leaders can assist their team to improve medication knowledge, spot red flags that can potentially lead to medication errors, and enhance communication about medication with other members of the healthcare team, including patients and their caregivers.
  • The Circle Way for Nursing Leadership

    In the midst of the science, the technology, the training, and the skill sets in this scene, the core component being called for is clear communication: clear communication with patients and families; clear communication within the team. And before and after this moment, there is the need for clear communication with nurse managers and nurse executives1 that will support improved quality of care for the B-2 floor staff.
  • Condensing the Patient Journey: Reduce Wait Times, Delays and Variability

    September 13 2016|Webinar
    Learn how a hospital deployed a simple Lean-based mechanism to mine data from disparate sources, transform it into visual cues, and broadcast it in real time to create transparency and synchronize actions affecting the patient journey. The approach reduced wait times by 20% and patient falls by 50% while increasing capacity by 8%.
  • The Nurse Leader’s Role in Crisis Management

    August 31 2016|Webinar
    Crisis Management is especially important in this complex world  filled with uncertainty and volatility.  Crises are both man made (recent Boston Bombing) and natural (Ebola, Zika Virus). The Nurse Leader at all levels has many important roles in a crisis.
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Nurse Engagement and the Patient Experience

    August 16 2016|Webinar
    This webinar will highlight the bidirectional relationship between nurse engagement and the patient experience, and will demonstrate how nurses who are engaged in their work and committed to their organization’s mission are well-equipped to deliver high-quality care in a complex and constantly changing environment.
  • The Nurse Leader’s Role in Care Coordination and Transition Management

    July 29 2016|Webinar
    Health care changes over the past few years have challenged the health care system to find ways to manage the complex health needs of individuals and the population by increasing access to care and managing costs while providing the highest quality of care. Safe, efficient, and effective transitions between providers, levels of care, and various care settings will be key factors for success. Since nurses possess the knowledge and skills to provide the needed care and services, the role of the nurse leader is to advocate the value of nursing in care coordination and transition management.
  • Salary and Compensation Study for Nurse Leaders 2016

    July 25 2016|Report
    Related Topics: AONE, Compensation
    In 2016, AONE continued its work to provide robust and timely data surrounding the compensation of nurse leaders. This executive report provides a detailed report of the AONE Salary and Compensation Study for Nurse Leaders| 2016.
  • Legacy: Who Decides What it Will Be?

    May 19 2016|Webinar
    This special webinar features AONE's retiring CEO Pamela Thompson as she discusses the concept of legacy and prompts questions such as  career trajectory, professional contributions and consideration of the question "Who will determine what your legacy will be?"
  • Salary and Compensation Study for Nurse Leaders | 2016 Executive Summary

    May 16 2016|Report
    Related Topics: Compensation, Workforce
    In 2016, AONE continued its work to provide robust and timely data surrounding the compensation of nurse leaders. This executive summary provides a preview of the full AONE Salary and Compensation Study for Nurse Leaders| 2016.
  • AONE System CNE White Paper

    May 04 2016|White Paper
    Related Topics: AONE
    As the U.S. health care environment continues to evolve in response to calls for lower cost, higher quality and an improved patient experience, health care organizations are undergoing fundamental change. This in turn requires the system Chief Nurse Executive (CNE) to adjust and embrace new competencies. These include improving population health, increasing quality, expanding provider coverage and managing increasingly complex health information technology systems. System nursing leaders must take on these issues while at the same time ensuring safety across the continuum of care and keeping financial viability in mind. The system CNE must also remain prepared to respond to evolving changes in ownership or partnership of their health care organization.
  • CIT Helps Nurses Drive Patient Safety at the Bedside

    March 16 2016|Webinar
    This webinar provides real world examples of a collaborative learning community developed by AONE’s Care Innovation and Transformation (CIT) program. The CIT program supports an interprofessional approach to quality improvement that allows the bedside nurse the opportunity to lead change. The purpose of this webinar is to share these innovative examples developed by nurses from our CIT program who implemented rapid cycle tests of change to enhance patient safety.
  • Competencies for Nurse Leaders to Lead Population Health

    February 03 2016|Webinar
    Population health management (PHM) programs seeks to improve the health outcomes of entire populations through the effective utilization of patient data and analyzing that data into actionable efforts that lead to improved clinical and financial outcomes.
  • Role of the nurse leader in crisis management

    January 14 2016|Guiding Principle
    Related Topics: Ebola, Workplace Safety
    In response to the aforementioned events, the AONE Crisis Management Taskforce and members of the American Hospital Association’s Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) convened a Day of Dialogue to discuss lessons learned from past emergencies and the need for nurse leaders to be a valued member of the crisis management team. Participants used their experiences managing crises ranging from natural disasters, terrorism and treating infectious disease to identify the skills and behaviors nurse leaders need to effectively manage a crisis. The guiding principles and priorities below define the role and position of nursing leadership in any crisis, such as stemming from a mass casualty incident, technology outage, hacking, labor issues, natural disaster and biohazard or emerging infectious disease.
  • Nurse Executive Competencies: Population Health

    December 17 2015|Competencies
    Related Topics: Competencies, Population/community health
    Health care systems increasingly are identifying strategies and interventions to improve the health of their patients and the communities they serve. As an advocate for community health needs and patient populations, the nurse executive serves as an agent of change in this strategic effort.
  • Nurse Manager Competencies

    December 02 2015|Competencies
    Related Topics: Competencies
    The Nurse Manager Competencies are based on the Nurse Manager Learning Domain Framework and capture the skills, knowledge and abilities that guide the practice of these nurse leaders.
  • Nurse Executive Post-Acute Care Competencies

    November 01 2015|Competencies
    Related Topics: Competencies, Continuum of care
    Beyond the hospital and physician’s offices, patients are cared for in specialized settings based on their specific needs. Most modern hospitals and health care systems include a number of services or programs that fall into the category of post-acute care, including institutional-based programs such as inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs), skilled-nursing facilities (SNFs) and long-term care hospitals, as well as home and community-based services, such as home health and hospice care.
  • System Chief Nurse Executive Competencies

    November 01 2015|Competencies
    Related Topics: Competencies, Leadership development, Workforce
    The role of the system chief nurse executive (CNE) is a sub specialty of nursing leadership and requires its own set of competencies.

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