The Nursing Community Stands United for Swift and Coordinated Action to Protect the Public and Health Providers against the Ebola Virus Disease

November 01 2014|Report
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Friday, October 24, 2014- As a coalition of 61 national nursing organizations, the Nursing Community stands united that the focus on responding to the Ebola Virus Disease in the United States and the devastating outbreak in West Africa must be on patient health and community protection. The undersigned organizations are dedicated to supporting the profession, over 3 million licensed registered nurses, in their frontline work to provide direct care and education to patients and the public regarding the Ebola Virus Disease. As nurses, our first and foremost responsibility is to ensure that we fulfill our professional standards of high-quality, compassionate care to any patient in need. The cornerstone of that care is safety for both the patient and the healthcare provider. Nurses must have the resources, evidence-based protocols and procedures, and the direct communication channels necessary to meet challenges like the one our nation is facing so that healthcare outcomes are not compromised.

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