Salary and Compensation Study for Nurse Leaders | 2016 Executive Summary

May 16 2016|Report
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In an ongoing effort to advance nursing practice and promote nursing leadership excellence nationwide, AONE is developing a nurse leader salary and compensation report. This executive summary provides a preview of the full AONE Salary and Compensation Study for Nurse Leaders| 2016.

Executive summary highlights

  • Overall job satisfaction remains high. 81 percent of respondents are very (40%) or somewhat (41%) satisfied with their job
  • The 10-year mark remains the tipping point for the higher salaries. 60 percent of those with 11-20 years of experience earn $130,000 or more.
  • Salaries vary largely, with half falling between $90,000 and $149,999.

Data was collected confidentially and has been shared throughout this report in aggregate form.  The collection of data and presentation in this report follows the safety zone requirements described in the Statement of Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission Enforcement Policy on provider participation in exchanges of price and cost information.

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