The Circle Way for Nursing Leadership

In the midst of the science, the technology, the training, and the skill sets in this scene, the core component being called for is clear communication: clear communication with patients and families; clear communication within the team. And before and after this moment, there is the need for clear communication with nurse managers and nurse executives1 that will support improved quality of care for the B-2 floor staff.

Our workplaces have become the theaters for the healthcare drama of today. We play our roles and sometimes wonder why we can’t change the story to have a better ending, or even to have better dialogue about what’s really going on in the course of our days. We work in a healthcare system that seems to be slowly, or sometimes rapidly, deteriorating due to reduced financial resources, perverse financial incentives, a growing workforce shortage, and a reduced energy capacity in those who remain. Over and over again, what saves the system from collapse is the spirit and tenacity of the caregivers who are steadfastly committed to patients and families, committed to providing the best care they can. At the heart of this drama are the patients and their families. These are the people who present themselves to our hospitals seeking the care and safety we have always provided, expecting that we will continue to deliver the safe, high quality care they require. And no matter what conditions prevail behind the scenes, we seem to find ways to continue to meet that expectation.

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