Competencies Assessment Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the AONE Nurse Manager and Nurse Executive Competencies Assessments?

    The AONE Nurse Manager Competencies are based on the Nurse Manager Learning Domain Framework and capture the skills, knowledge and abilities that guide the practice of these nurse leaders. The successful nurse leader must gain expertise in all three domains.

    The AONE Nurse Executive Competencies detail the skills knowledge and abilities that guide the practice of nurse leaders in executive practice regardless of their educational level, title or setting. The competencies are captured in a model developed in 2004 by the Healthcare Leadership Alliance that identify the common core set of competency domains for health care leadership: communication and relationship management; knowledge of the health care environment; leadership; professionalism; business skills and principles.

  • How do I access the AONE Nurse Competencies Assessments?

    You can access the Nurse Manager and the Nurse Executive assessment online. The assessments are free of charge.

  • How long will it take to complete the assessment?

    Plan on spending at least 30 minutes. Most people can finish the assessment in 45 to 60 minutes.

  • Can I begin my assessment and then complete it at a later time?

    Yes. On any page of the assessment, you can click “save and continue later” at the top of the page. You will be asked to supply an email address and will receive a customized link via email to use to return to your assessment.

  • Do I have to be an AONE member to complete the assessment?

    No. Anyone may access and complete the assessments.

  • Will I receive a summary of how I answered the assessment?

    Yes. You will receive an email after you complete the assessment that includes a PDF report with your answers to each of the questions on the assessment.

  • Can I share my assessment?

    Yes. You will receive an email with a PDF report with your answers to each of the questions on the assessment. You are free to forward that report to anyone you choose.

  • I didn't receieve an email with my results. What do I do?

    Please check your spam folder(s). The email will be from “AONE” and email address You may wish to put this email in your contacts to ensure delivery. If you still need help, contact AONE.

  • Will my data be used in any way?

    Yes. AONE is collecting the data from all those who complete the assessment in order to create an aggregate database for future use by nurse leaders taking assessments. This aggregate data will not contain your personal information. AONE hopes to be to allow nurse leaders taking the assessment see how they compare to other nurses in their states and regions.