Nursing Satisfaction with Support Services (NS3) Survey

´╗┐´╗┐This online benchmarking survey provides hospitals with the opportunity to quantify nursing satisfaction with support services in order to build a more collaborative work environment.

Why is this important?
This survey provides a tool for both nursing and support services to work together to positively impact patient care and the work environment. The results of this survey can be used to identify areas of opportunity as well as strengths and to provide guidance in building a more collaborative work environment.

  • Realities such as staffing shortages, high patient acuity, shortened length of stay, and the complexities of patient needs are expending increasingly limited nursing resources on non-nursing activities.
  • As nurses are impacted by non-nursing activities, there is an overall negative impact on patients, nurses and support services staff.
  • By understanding nursing’s perception of support services’ performance and the impact that specific actions and behavior have on nursing satisfaction and collaboration, both areas have the opportunity to positively impact patient care.
  • Creating stronger collaboration among nursing and support service groups can positively impact other critical outcomes including patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction and financial outcomes.

Who should participate?
Hospitals that want to:

  • Positively impact patient care
  • Build a more collaborative work environment
  • Assimilate new nursing or support service leadership
  • Pursue Magnet status
  • Establish baselines to measure future performance and set improvement targets

What will you receive?
Participating hospitals will receive eight (8) customized reports that can be compared against a provided national benchmark report. To establish national benchmark data for this survey, ARAMARK Healthcare—who assisted in the development of the NS3 survey tool—distributed the survey online to nearly 40,000 nurses during the spring/summer of 2008. A total of 7,472 nurses from 65 hospitals across the U.S. as well as several Canadian facilities participated in the study.

  • Individual satisfaction reports for eight support service areas (food and nutrition, environmental services, facility maintenance, clinical engineering, laundry and linen, security, central supply and patient transport)
  • Summary/rollup report of all service areas

When is it available?
The NS3 survey will be available during two specific survey windows each year. The next opportunity to participate in the NS3 survey is October 2014. To participate in the October survey, you must register by August 31, 2014. Once you register you will receive a registration link, as well as sample communication pieces which you can use to launch the survey at your hospital.

What is the cost?
The cost to participate in the survey is $2,000, which includes a turnkey participation toolkit that includes sample emails that you can use to promote the survey in your organization, eight customized reports by support service, an organizational summary report and a national comparative benchmark report.

Frequently Asked Questions
Detailed information about the NS3 survey is available in the FAQ section. To view, click here.

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For technical assistance, please call AONE at 312-422-2810.

Additional information
White Paper: Creating a Culture of Collaboration between Nursing and Support Services in the Clinical Setting
(published in collaboration with ARAMARK Healthcare)

AONE Guiding Principles for the Relationships among Nursing and Support Services in the Clinical Set
(developed in collaboration with ARAMARK Healthcare)